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Let These Automation Tools Operate The Business For You



Here’s the good news: The automation of business processes isn’t exclusive to larger companies whose budgets can cover the expenses for high-end tools and manpower. If you’re a small business owner looking to efficiently operate your business without putting on your shoulder all the hefty responsibilities, all you have to do is find the newest and the right automation tools to scale your business and do your monotonous tasks, and luckily, Anand  Srinivasan lists three key management platforms for you.

Content Snare

To maximize your content organization without time-consuming email, Content Snare helps you and your clients gather and manage files, documents, and content in one place without confusing your responsibilities. It has a drag-and-drop editor to organize your inputted information; lets you create or choose a reminder schedule of your own; and allows you to schedule your desired number of follow-up emails. This simple yet systematic tool eases every member’s understanding of the design requirements and the content model concept.


B12 is your right-hand man in building your own website. Comprised of expert web designers utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the B12 team helps you draft your website by giving you the freedom to communicate your preferred design and the manner by which you want it to work. In a matter of minutes, the AI of B12 can readily show you a tailored prototype of your business website depending on your preferences. The AI does this by going through web algorithms to reference your existing website in building your custom design. Once you and the B12 team have reached a mutual agreement on the draft, give your custom business website a few weeks to launch.

Even after the completion of your website, you can still expect continued support from the B12 experts as they help you achieve your website goals over time. A monthly report with metrics and recommendations for increasing traffic will also be sent to you for your own monitoring purposes.


Automizy is an email marketing automation software that allows you to maximize the reach of your contacts by letting you manage and send campaigns with the highest open rate and allowing you to optimize the results. This intuitive interface also helps you improve your open rate using AI that turns to over 1 million campaigns to predict your subject line performance. Also, its visual automation builder lets you automate your customers’ lifecycles based on the sequence and predefined classification of email-marketing events. With this, you can monitor your website’s behavior and perform interest tagging when possible. Lastly, Automizy’s modern signup forms, CSV imports, integrations, and API lets you gather information from people across the web to help you better drive new subscribers and grow from there.

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3 Keys To Attract Latino Consumers



In previous years, we have seen how global trends have changed; from focused on western markets to businesses looking out and seeing the potential of a culturally diverse customer base.

With a growing market also comes stronger competition. Thanks to customizable ads and marketing techniques, there is no more one size fits all solution – businesses are recognizing multicultural customers.

Currently, Forbes had forecasted that “almost every brand is involved in Hispanic marketing”. Why? That’s because 10% of U.S sales comes from Latino purchases concentrated in three areas alone; Flora, Texas, and California. This means that Hispanic consumers are becoming a mainstream force in the global economy.

So how do you find ways to target this niche? In a study by Maru/Matchbox, across five Latin American countries with 2,500 consumers, there are three key areas that appeal most to Hispanic consumers: innovation, originality and strong engagement.  


According to the Maru/Matchbox study, company size does not really matter much for Latino customers. In fact, 7 out of 10 Latin American consumers says that innovation, whether it comes from big corporations or small business, come in equal measure. The best thing is that 80% of Latino customers believe that they are willing to try new innovations from younger companies as long as they seem fit to their specific needs. As a new player, this could work well to your advantage, especially in creating customizable products that fit into their everyday needs.

Their growing interest in innovation might be explained as 8 out of 10 Latinos do not see innovation as a higher cost. Instead, innovation should help them find more cost-effective products or solutions than what they are currently paying.


With innovation comes originality as Maru/Matchbox says that businesses should offer products that are both original and relevant. Latin American consumers are also environmentally aware as 80% are concerned with the environmental impacts of the products that they purchase. In fact, 95% say that they are willing to exchange the products they use for something that is more sustainable as long as they do not overpay.

However, be careful as the study says that Latino consumers do not see “futuristic” products as something that they veer away from. Rather, what the study says is that they move towards products that fit into their desired and needs.


Based on the study, Latin consumers would choose to opt for products that they can engage and control, rather than the device taking over. For example, most Latin consumers prefer electric cars that are environmentally sustainable rather than choosing a self-driving car. Another example is that they prefer personal health monitoring apps rather than choosing a health insurance company to provide discounts based on physical health activity using a smartphone app

To sum it up, what appeals most to Latin American consumers are products that are innovative, original, environmentally sustainable and engaging. They believe in finding cost-effective solutions or products which can improve their way of life.  

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