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LinkedIn: The New Facebook For Business Professionals



LinkedIn is the useful media that promotes in extending your professional network. It is not only a good line for B2C and B2B connections, but also for hiring and applying for work.

According to a study, 88% of business decision-makers and 90% of C-suite executives who are LinkedIn members express that their appreciation towards the company rises when dealt with leadership content.

LinkedIn works just like other social networking sites as it involves sharing and posting content to generate engaging audiences to boost your rankings and search results.

You can also create an account dedicated to your company by creating a business page. These features in LinkedIn allow your brand, initiatives, and specific units to be in the spotlight.

How Do You Make An Effective LinkedIn Account?

Your page should have a clear and reliable strategy. Define your objectives and let those objectives define your content.

The content in your LinkedIn profile will play a vital role in yours your goals. For instance, when filling out your work experience, you should not only put the years spent with each job but should also include a few details on what your role was and what were the valuable experience you have acquired. With that, define your demographic and psychographic; add and use keywords that they are likely to use.

Aim and connect for at least 500 people. These connections should comprise of leaders, influencers, media, and consumers.

To get more insight to your audience and your posts, here are the metrics you must be on the lookout for:

  • Observe your audience’s engagements in terms of your content by taking note of their likes, shares, and clicks. Determine what content sparks the most interest and publish more of it.
  • Maximize your follower demographics by determining whom you are reaching. By doing so, you can fine-tune your content to reach more consumers.
  • Compare your data with your competitors. This will show you what you should improve and what you should revise and change.
  • Consider creating a LinkedIn group where you can share news, trends, and concepts. Open the group to your employees and encourage them to interact and share content. Also, promoting your LinkedIn page in areas like your website, newsletter, and other social networking sites might be a wise move to grow your network further.
  • Lastly, keep a quality network; if someone you don’t know invited you to connect, then checking the person’s profile and connections must be scrutinized before clicking that accept button.

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Mamba Mentality: Kobe Bryant’s Competitive Spirit Tn The Business World



Kobe Bryant did not only excel in the basketball court but in business as well, applying his “mamba mentality” on both arenas. Bryant became a force in various industries after his decorated NBA career. He was also a voice on many important social issues. Such efforts pushed his career beyond the world of basketball. 

From success, Bryant moved to significance. He focused on things that truly mattered to him. There have been a number of professional athletes such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and George Foreman who have paved the way towards successful business endeavors. Some focused on investing in sports teams while others on clothing brands as well as restaurants. 

Bryant pushed having a career after professionally playing further. He dealt with a wide range of businesses. He had a media production company and along with that was a venture capital fund where he invested in data, tech, and media companies. 

Having spent his childhood in Italy, Bryant spoke Italian fluently. He was among the first athletes to fully see the importance of having a global image. He carried this thinking over into his ventures, pursuing many opportunities in China in the process. 

Bryant paid attention to growing the game internationally, in China in particular. There, Bryant is one of the most popular players. He served as NBA’s global ambassador to the country. He partnered with the company Alibaba in releasing the documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse.” 

There was even a reality show in China “Kobe Mentu” which the NBA legend appeared. He then began the Kobe Bryant China Fund that raised money for sports and education in the country. There’s a statue of Bryant in the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts’ Sculpture Museum. 

Bryant was ahead of his time when it came to recognizing what an NBA athlete’s role and power are on a global scale. He was among the first players to see China as a market. But it was not just to build his brand but as well as in growing the sport. When it came to camps and clinics, Bryant was really involved. 

After retiring in 2016, Bryant had earned $680 million. He had an extensive venture capital portfolio. He invested in a legal services firm, a sports drink maker, and a video game developer. He used his businesses in promoting diversity in media and also in funding the causes that he felt strongly about. For Bryant, the goal was to provide more opportunities so that more diverse and new voices can be heard. 

His most successful investment was actually one of his earliest which is in a sports drink BodyArmor. With a $6 million stake, the value increased to $200 million after Coca-Cola invested in it in 2018. 

Back in 2016, Bryant gave a piece of advice to younger players saying that they should realize that a career in sports is short and they should, therefore, plan for their retirement and find something that they will find worthwhile to invest in. Find something that they’re passionate about, not simply choosing based on how much value or revenue the investment can generate. 

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The 20 Mistakes Small Business Make When Filing a Tax Return



One requirement a business should achieve on a yearly basis is filing a tax return. And the last thing you want to happen as a business owner is making mistakes that can result in higher taxes and can cost you interest and penalties or even draw IRS attention to your return.

Luckily, here are the 20 mistakes you should avoid when filing a tax return:

  • Misreporting Income 

The IRS computers can see what has been reported to you, so it is a wise idea to be truthful and give the correct information. 

If you noticed some errors and want correction, you need to report the wrong amount with the proper adjustment and attach an explanation to your return; this way, you will only be taxed on the proper amount. 

  • Failing To Report Income 

Business goods and services that are bartered will be taxed on your account. Whether you trade one-on-one or use the virtual currency to acquire or pay products and services, these transactions must be reported appropriately. Remember that the IRS is always looking closely, even at your virtual currency transactions. 

  • Over Reporting Income 

If your business deals with inventory items, then you must factor in the total price of the goods sold. This way, you do not have to pay tax on the gross receipts from sales. The basis of your income is the difference between the cost of an item and how much you sold it for.

  • Not Applying The Limitation On Deducting Meals 

A business should only deduct 50% of business meals. Certain meals might be a business expense; however, you can only deduct half of the amount.

  • Mixing Personal & Business Spending 

Keeping a separate business bank account and personal account is a wise idea for any business owner to make sure that the business income and expenses are crispy clear.

By doing so, you eliminate oversight, and your return will be more accurate.

  • Not Having A Mileage Record

Your personal vehicle should not be used for business driving. If so, you are then required to take down records as you have to apply deductions for business driving costs. Recordkeeping requirement for this are found in the IRS Publication 463.

  • Thinking That The Home Office Deduction Is A Red Flag For Audit

This belief should not be taken into consideration. Why? If you work from home and you become eligible for the home office deduction, then receive it! Other relevant information about the home office deduction is found on the IRS website. 

  • Tax Errors From Overlooking Pre-Opening Expenses 

You must be able to implement a deduction for startup costs before launching and welcoming your customers through your door. An estimated value of $5,000 should be deducted in your first year of business. However, if your total startup costs exceed $50,000, then special rules may apply. 

  • Not Utilizing Retirement Plans 

By contributing to qualified plans, your current tax bill can be lessened while you save for your future. There are numerous retirement plans; all you have to do is to look and register for one. 

  • Failing To Keep Basis Records 

Business losses that go through to partners and S corporation shareholders can be appealed in their personal returns only up to a particular basis amounts. Without keeping basis records, losses are entirely lost.

  • Overlooking Carryovers

You must be keen on checking your carryovers of the following: capital losses, general business credit, home office deduction, and net operating losses. 

  • Not Gaining Acknowledgements For Charitable Contributions

A donation that exceeds more than $250 must have a written acknowledgment to be qualified for a deduction. Acquire one first before filing for your tax return. 

  • Underpaying Estimated Taxes 

Always bear in mind to factor all your taxes aside from your income tax. This includes self-employment tax and Medicare taxes if you are subjected to it. If a business owner underpays his or her estimated taxes, then he or she can be reprimanded with additional tax penalties. 

  • Not Claiming The Qualified Business Income Deduction 

This personal deduction is under Section 199A, which calls owners of pass-through affiliations. This is also a valuable way to lessen tax liability. 

  • Avoiding Worker Classification 

Do not dodge employer tax obligations by labeling your employees as independent contractors when they are under your umbrella. Watch out for the IRS as they are always on the lookout for these kinds of deeds. And yes! It will cost you big time. 

  • Late To File 

It would be best if you were punctual when filing your tax return. If you are not able to do so, you can always ask for an extension. You do not need to explain your reasons as long as you strictly file by the extended due date. 

  • Failing To Attach Necessary Forms, Election Statements, Or Schedules

Your tax return is not 100% complete if you fail to attach all the paperwork required. 

  • Not Understanding The Differences In Federal & State Tax Rules 

Other tax breaks borders on federal returns and is only limited to state income purposes. For instance, various states have an array of rules when it comes to the Section 170 deduction and bonus reduction. 

  • Not Updating One’s Self On Tax Developments 

Updates in the tax law may warrant you to new tax breaks on your current tax return. They can also permit you to a refund if you submit an amended return. Learn what suits your situation and apply for a refund. 

  • Not Disclosing Everything To Your CPA 

To avoid tax mistakes, you should rely on a tax professional, but also be 100% transparent to avoid penalties. 

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Make Use Of Tech Tips To Improve Your Productivity In 2020



Another year means we’ve got plenty of new opportunities to improve the way we work. With the many lessons that we’ve learned the previous year, we can now make adjustments to our strategies so that we’re more efficient and more productive. To help you with that, here are also some tech tips that you can use and apply in your work so that this year will be more awesome for your business. 

Use Data To Gain Better Insights For The Business

You can only manage what you can measure. We’ve heard this saying before. But you should also take note that measurement means looking into the right data. One factor of great productivity is the availability and your ability to manage data. 

Data becomes valuable when you know how to use it to make well-informed business decisions. With today’s technology, you can analyze huge amounts of data. You can use a good analytics platform so that you can get meaningful results. And with these results, you can make changes to the strategies that you are using in your business. 

Organize, Prioritize, & Execute

Proper organization of tasks is still an important component to achieve high productivity. To make things much clearer, have two sets of lists for your tasks: one for professional and one for personal. Also, do a daily to-do list and a weekly to-do list. In the process of organizing your tasks, you will also be able to prioritize them. You’ll be able to decide on which day of the week you’ll execute those must-dos. 

Task organization can be done both with just a pen, paper, and calendar or you can use one of the many systems and platforms online. The benefit of doing this digitally is that it is easier to integrate the tasks into your calendar and your collaborator’s calendars. You can send notifications and other important reminders through emails. When you’ve organized your tasks, you can then see which ones are taking the most of your time. You can then assess your workflow and adjust from there. 

Invest In The Latest Technology For Your Business

In our world today, you have the option to hire the best talents from every part of the world. Geographic barriers are no longer a limiting factor when it comes to collaborations. Now, we can communicate in real-time through instant messaging or video calls over the internet. Platforms for collaborative projects are available as well. You can monitor the progress of a project, who’s doing what, and what else needs to be done. 

To make sure that all these tasks that are being done remotely are superb, you need to invest in the latest technologies. When you can combine great talents and advance tech devices, software, and tools, you can be certain that you will see a boost in productivity. 


It’s vital to work on the productivity of the workforce because it affects the profitability of the business. The best part about strategies for productivity is that there is no single set of rules to follow. You can make adjustments according to your needs. You can use and apply some tips while disregarding others that don’t work for you. What’s important is to continually learn and tweak your productivity strategies.  

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